Harmony MRI Entertainment improves patient experience and scan quality

Harmony patient entertainment system helps your patients to relax during their scan by watching HD movies, listening to music, or simply viewing a slideshow of photographs.

Harmony is compatible with all 1.5T and 3T scanners. Its high quality audio-visual system is also ideal for fMRI.

  • Relaxing patient experience
  • Better image quality
  • Fewer aborted or repeated scans
  • Improved operational efficiency

Questions about Harmony?


PDF icon M0134 Harmony MRI Patient Entertainment

Hear the Difference

You wouldn't listen to the music on your iPhone with a stethoscope connected to its speaker.... Yet, most MRI-compatible headphones offer just that; audio piped to the participant down long, acoustic tubes. The result? Awful sound quality with restricted frequency response.

BOLDfonic delivers high-fidelity audio, far superior to air-tube solutions, while also attenuating scanner noise. We offer a range of headphone options, and our earbud solution is suitable for even tight fitting headcoils.

"The BOLDfonic system is better to listen to and, due to the reduced noise-level it results in less fatigue."


Hear for yourself in our 48 second demo:

BOLDfonic includes everything you need for high-quality audio delivery in the MR:

  • A pair of electro-dynamic headphones. Various options are available to suit different types and sizes of headcoils.
  • A set of earphones to accommodate even the the tightest of headcoils
  • Fully–loaded amplifier system which supports multiple signal sources and can drive two sets of headphones in parallel.
  • Desktop microphone for communication from the technologist. Ask us about our optional bi-directional communication feature which use the noise-cancelling Optoacoustics FORM-III participant microphone. Compact monitor speakers are included too, so you can always hear the same audio as your participant.

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