fORP Response Pads

fORP is a collection of interchangable, MR Safe fibre optic response pads and other type of input devices. It is the most comprehensive solution for measuring subject responses in the MR environment. The system is robust, dependable, offers universal software support and is based on over 10 years of continual development. Best of all there is no metal and nothing electronic in the MR room, so you never need to worry that the system will add noise to your images, or raise safety concerns.

  • Flexible: A wide variety of basic handheld devices with customised versions available
  • Robust and Reliable: Fiber optic bundle connects handheld device to the optoelectronic interface unit
  • Compatible: Interface unit takes optical signal and adapts it for use with all types of software programs
  • Completely safe with no artefacts: Components within the MR room are completely metal free

The fORP response kit offers complete flexibility. You can choose from wide range of response devices; button boxes, joysticks, tracking balls, sliders, dials and wheels that all connect to the same interface. If you can't find the type of device you are looking for, then have a custom made device for your particular experimental requirement.

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