Dedicated Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy


fNIRS makes it possible to run studies that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible to consider with other functional imaging techniques. It's ideal for use by the bedside, with freely movement participants, and even in group studies. The non-invasive, light-weight nature of the technology makes it particularly suitable for use with paediatric subjects including neonates and infants.

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Explore Optical Neuroimaging Workshops

We invite you to join one of our Explore Optical Neuroimaging workshops, which we hold from time to time at locations throughout the UK.

Register your interest below, and we'll let you know about upcoming dates and locations.

A typical workshop program

Morning presentations:

  • Introduction to NIRx and fNIRS
  • Overview of NIRx technology
  • Data acquisition: sources, detectors and channels
  • Headgear and probes: customs solutions for a range of applications
  • Sensor technology: Silicon or avalanche photodiodes
  • Source technology: LED or laser

After lunch we will make hands-on demonstrations of fNIRS, including:

  • Speedy setup and calibration method
  • Finger tapping experiment
  • Visual stimulation experiment
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Explore the NIRScout Modular or NIRSport Mobile

  • NIRScout-Child.jpg

    NIRScout fNIRS

    NIRScout is an ultra-compact fNIRS neuroimaging solution that offers the versatility and scalability to fit a broad range of research applications. For example, investigating motor sensory functions, traumatic brain injury, learning/attention disorders and brain computer interfaces.

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  • NIRSport-Athlete.jpg

    NIRSport Mobile fNIRS in a Backpack

    NIRSport is the first freely configurable, wearable, multichannel NIRS imaging system to be used on any part of the head. This pocket-book sized device combines LED illumination and innovative active detection technology into a truly wearable brain imaging solution.

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